We are committed to providing more choices for individuals wanting to eat a balanced healthy diet without sacrificing taste. Specifically, We were established to help make ‘eating your veggies' an energizing and culinary delightful experience.

We set out to bring to your table the flavors and tastes of cuisine he enjoyed while growing up in Europe and subsequently living in the US, Asia and Australia. We believe that the increased emphasis on eating a diet high in fruits, grains and vegetables opens the door to enjoy a balanced diet by exploring new and exciting cuisine. Eating meals rich in grains and vegetables can be as exciting as any meal we eat.

We are dedicated to bringing you convenient meals that help you feel great, are delicious and add variety to your diet. We specialize in making ‘eating your veggies' one of the most nutritious and best tasting parts of your diet.

Bon Appetit!

Convenience, Health, Taste

Our goal is to provide meals that are convenient, bursting with flavor, texture and visual appeal that you can trust to be healthy. Each appetizer, entrée, side and dessert reflects our passion for imaginative cuisine using fresh, healthy ingredients that provide quality nutrition.

A new breed of cuisine

Blending ‘haute cuisine' and ‘health food' is our goal. We challenged ourselves to provide high quality meals that satisfy our need to eat more vegetables and grains and are convenient enough to be prepared at home in about 15 minutes. The result are vegetarian meals that are low in cholesterol and saturated fat, high in protein, fiber and most importantly, taste and that are easy to heat at home. We hope you will agree that the effort and imagination we put into combining spices and healthy ingredients makes eating our meals a delight. We are not just providing the usual ‘heavy' cuisine or even the normal healthy fare – ours is healthy gastronomy. Our Glossary provides additional insight into some of our ingredients and terms associated with our cuisine.

Put your mind at ease

We make it easy for you to review the nutrition profile of our food in several ways. First, we showcase nutrition attributes for each meal with easy-to-see nutrition symbols that highlight characteristics like no cholesterol, low sodium, low fat, gluten free, purely vegan, etc. We then go into more detail with our easy to find standard FDA ‘Nutrition Facts' panel detailing the amount of fat, fiber, sodium, vitamins and calories in each dish.

Easy preparation

Each meal is packed fresh using our vacuum packaging and flash freezing process to seal in freshness, taste and nutrition. At home, preparation consists of placing each meal's vacuum packed pouches in boiling water for about 10 minutes, cutting open the bags and artfully placing the contents on a plate for a result that looks as good as a fine restaurant. Clean up is surprisingly easy too with just a pot of water to empty.